00244Oops, I did it again, and again, and again.  I never mean to do it, but somehow it always happens…it's sad but true, I confess.  I'm a chronic shopaholic.
Every morning I wake up, change Kiana's diaper, feed her, burp her, change her diaper again, then put her in an extremely cute outfit.  Then I put her down for a nap so I can get myself washed up & dressed.  All of that may sound simple enough, but if you're a parent, you'll know that those few tasks just ate up your whole morning.  Before you know it, it's noon and the child wakes up and demands to be fed (again).  After the next cycle of feeding/burping/changing, I figure I deserve a break, so I head out for a "walk".  At least that's what I like to tell myself.
There's always some excuse to make sure that my walks take place in a mall, or the vicinity of my favourite downtown boutiques.  Sometimes it's just way too hot out & I need the air conditioning, sometimes it's raining & need the shelter, and sometimes there's an errand that I need to go downtown to do (like buy stamps from the post office), or sometimes I just need to get out of the house so that Kiana will sleep for a few hours.  She always sleeps better when we're out, she likes the motion.
But really it's not my fault…I mean, why do they have to make the mall so mom-friendly???  It's totally target-marketing!  I mean, now malls have "nursing rooms", they offer baby wipes & diapers in case you run out, they have bottle warming services available, and some malls will even give your kids a free toy!  They lure us unsuspecting moms in our very vulnerable state.  And why are kids clothes these days so stylish and cute?  Tiny pleated skirts and infant-sized cargo capris are just too much for me to resist…and on sale nonetheless!  Can you blame me?
My husband does, blame me that is.  He complains that everytime I go out for one of my walks, I return with multiple shopping bags in tow.  I always try the "But it's for the baby!" excuse, but one glance at the shopping bags from Oqoqo and I'm busted.  Ok, so I bought a little something for me too…Kiana can't be the only one who looks cute around here!
So one day we made a deal, no more clothes for Kiana.  Maybe it was the $40 hoodie I bought her, or the fact that her drawers are bursting with outfits she hasn't even had a chance to wear yet that did it, but my husband has put his foot down and I'm no longer allowed to buy her clothes.  Fine, I can live with that, after all, the child has more cute outfits than me! 
The next few "walks" just happened to take place at Toys 'R' Us and Michaels.  Turns out Kiana needed some more of those cute tiny towels and receiving blankets to match her new clothes…and I bought some scrap-booking stuff so I can start beautifully displaying Kiana-memories!  Yeah, the husband rolled his eyes at that one too.
I know, I know…I have a problem.  It's an illness, I swear!  But isn't admitting the problem the first step?  And I do need to get out and get exercise…so where else am I to go?  Don't say the gym, I don't do gyms…the smell of sweat and dirty socks soooo doesn't appeal to me.  And walking outdoors isn't always the best thing.  Kiana's too young to be exposed to too much sun, and I don't do walking in the rain.  Can you think of somewhere I can go for a walk where I won't be inclined to shop?  I rest my case.
It's a good thing shopping is limited in Victoria…if we were in Vancouver I'd be in a heck of a lot more trouble I'm sure!  Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time I went for a walk. *wink*