Motherhood is the most challenging job in the world, and, let’s face it ladies, one of the most judgemental ones.

I play the part of doting mother and loving wife to the best of my ability, but nobody’s perfect.  Here are a few of my confessions (don’t judge me).

  1. I refuse to share drinks with my daughters.  I love them, but backwash is gross no matter whose it is.
  2. Imitation may be a form of flattery, but I just find it plain annoying.  Period.
  3. Earlier this week, I pointed to a line on the couch and forbade my 3 & half year old from crossing it.  She always wants to sit next to me…and sometimes I just need my space.  Am I horrible?
  4. I wish my toddler had a mute button, and sometimes I tell her so.
  5. I make my kids eat healthy, but I love McDonalds.  Mmmmm…fries….
  6. A glass of wine (or three) usually gets me through the day.  It’s ok as long as I don’t start until after 4pm, right?
  7. I have a favorite child. [insert shock & gasps here]  So does my husband, and no, we don’t have the same favorite.
  8. Preschool & dance classes are great for my daughter’s development and social interaction…but she’s in them for the sake of my sanity.
  9. I sometimes (ok, often) use the TV to keep my kids occupied so I can do my makeup in the morning.
  10. I don’t like hugs.  Is that really so weird???
  11. I may be in trouble for writing this one down…but here goes.  I hate when my husband gets sick.  All men turn into the biggest babies when they’re sick, it borders on ridiculous.  Mine actually told me that he didn’t think I’ve ever been in as much pain & suffering as he did with his last bout of the flu.  Seriously?  Cuz birthing his TWO CHILDREN was a walk in the park?  Cuz pregnancy TWICE was so pleasant?  Granted, it was a bad flu he got…but still.  I fought the urges to scream “I’m not your mother,” and “Put on your big boy pants & deal with it,” and made him honey-lemon tea instead.  That was a challenge.  I deserve a cookie…or a glass wine…or six…

There it is.  Go ahead, shake your heads in dismay.  I know you’re judging me.  I’m over it.  I just really needed to get that off my chest.