Princess_kiana0002Ok…starting to panic.  We just got back from our ultrasound exam and non-stress test #2.  Baby's still healthy & content to stay in my belly…but she is FAT!  We're happy that they confirmed she is indeed a girl (which is a relief cuz all her clothes are already pink), but the ultrasound tech also informed us that she's already 7lbs, 10ozs…which means by the time she comes out she'll probably be a whopping 8lb-er!!!  Me pushing out an 8lb baby is like a person of normal height pushing out a 10lb-er.  OUCH.  All of a sudden I'm regretting the double scoop of ice cream I had yesterday…and maybe all those cakes & cookies were not such a good idea.

You can see the evidence of my indulgence in the picture of her chubby little face that the ultrasound guy was nice enough to give us.  I was hoping to have a natural birth…but perhaps now I may be needing those drugs after all…yes…lots & lots of drugs to push out this fatty.

She's 3 days late now…the longer she's in there, the fatter she gets!  =S