Yes, today is the official day we take possession of our new home. Our belongings are now neatly tucked in boxes & bags, packing went off without a hitch just as I anticipated. You think that’d get my fiance to relax, but no. Now he’s worrying about the actual move on saturday, unpacking all the boxes, where to put everything, and what to give people who help us move! Oy.

I’m quite excited to move into the new house. It’ll be a brand new chapter in our life…no more paying rent, no more being quiet as to not disturb the landlord, it’s a place of our very own. House party central? lol…we’ll see. It’s funny, when I was renting I was always up to throw a good house party! Now that it’s my very own house…I dunno…do I want people mucking things up? Am I going to turn into an anal-retentive homeowner? Will I be a filipino Martha? hahaha! Somehow I just don’t see that happening…but we’ll see.

So the plan is, after work go to the suite & pick up some boxes. Take those boxes to the new house. Catch the 7pm ferry to Vancouver & stay @ Allan’s parent’s house. Saturday AM, pick up U-Haul truck we rented, drive to Rmd & pick up my furniture from my parent’s house. Drive to Vancouver, pick up Allan’s things from his parent’s house. Catch a ferry to Victoria, go to the suite, pick up rest of furniture & boxes & load them into the truck. Drive to new house, call up local friends & con them into meeting us @ the new house. **Note: Bribe them w/ pizza & beer** Unload the truck, return it to U-haul. Eat pizza & get drunk @ house w/ everyone who helped move…then pass out in our new home.

Sounds like a plan!