The other day, I produced a Bridal Fashion shoot for a talented Vancouver photographer, who also happens to be a great friend of mine. While our models were having their hair & makeup done, Vasia thought it would be a great opportunity to (finally) get some new profile photos of me taken for my website. We also thought it would calm our model’s nerves to see me work the camera first.

So… apparently I’m not quite Top Model material. LOL. I was so nervous and awkward…let’s face it, I’m a “behind the scenes” kind of girl. I don’t know how to handle the spotlight. When I was told to smile, I resembled a certain FRIENDS character. When they made me laugh in order to get a natural looking candid, my eyes disappeared and my mouth opened into a widely hysterical cackle.

After a torturous 20 minutes of having my photo taken, I think we came out with 2 or 3 actually usable images. LOL. Wow. Next time can I just get a model to stand in for ME?