Just Another Voice…
Just another day in the land of the free
Metropolis bustles with energy
Suits with Starbucks in hand rush to their boxes in the sky
In Utopia where Benjamin dictates their lives.
Just another day, twins standing tall
With a thundering crash, moments later they fall
The sky is clouded with political debris
A desperate cry against the Capitalist Economy
The Global Village is stunned as Lady Liberty weeps
Sorrow encompasses the city that never sleeps
Sirens blare amongst the anguished noises
Drowned by the anger of unheard voices
Shocking imagery of despair and hate
are rampant as thousands approach Hades' Gate
Nations unite in anticipation of war
Ironically peace is what they'll be fighting for
9-11: a day of terror. 9-12: our hearts are torn.
9-13: a cry for justice. 9-14: our planet mourns.
Blinded by our privileges, we've ignored a people's cry
They finally caught our attention, at the cost of beloved lives
Just another day in our constructed reality
But it taught a lesson to all of humanity
Instead of pointing fingers, our emphasis should be on love
Stand together as brothers & sisters, and pray to God above
In this age of communication, we need to respect one another's beliefs
Only then can we be united, and achieve our goal for peace.
(c)2001 LeLe Pantoja