The BIG MOVE – part 1

So the rumours are true, we are moving back to Vancouver.   Husband made the decision on Wednesday July 7th, and we needed to be Vancouver-based as of August 1st…giving me a little over 3 WEEKS to coordinate the move of a family of 4. THREE WEEKS! To get my house rented, find a 2bd […]

Kaya Papaya will have a Fiesta

Kaya turns 1 in a month…which means I have only 1 month to plan.  Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if I weren’t an event planner & I could throw my kids just a simple party in my backyard.  Who am I kidding, even when I TRY to do simple backyard parties, […]

I dream of more space…

This is my house.  Cute, isn’t it?  My husband & I bought this place just before we got married, thinking it would be a great “starter home” for the two of us, for the first few years of married life pre-children.  Well, as it happened, we had children way sooner than expected (pregnant 1 month […]

Good intentions…mean nothing.

So, a month ago husband and I decided to take a vacay. I know, exciting, right? And it was – is. Picking out the destination was fun, and deciding on which dreamy 5 star resort to stay at was even better. We decided on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, so in less than 10 days […]

OMG. I can see!!!

I just got my new corrective lenses today, and holy cow, what a difference! Seriously, I can see! I mean, I could see before, but now I can really see. I see texture, detail, definition, clarity! The world is in crisp HD and it’s beautiful!!! Man, I’ve been missing out and I had no idea. […]