Okay, LexyLou has called for a Show & Share …so here goes nothing.

The Rules: Show and Share
Pick out a photo from your recent (or not so recent) past.  Any photo.  Easy right?  Now for the catch: You gotta be in it & it has to have significance to you (ie, a story to it)…and you need to share the photo & the story with us. =) Dun dun dun.

Meet XTScene Lé.  She was notorious for dancing in the cage @ a certain Vancouver night spot.  She only wore half-shirts (top half or front half), rarely a whole shirt.  She always had a great time and she loved to dance.  Yes, this was me, once upon a time…pre-children.  And yes, that’s my now-husband with me, the year we started dating.

We’ve come a long way. LOL.