I have the day off so my fiance gave me a few simple tasks to do:

1 – do the dishes in the sink (no problem)

2 – get groceries (no problem)

3 – make dinner (no problem)

4 – pack up us much as possible (oy)

The fourth one I’m dreading…I hate packing!!! In the past year & a half I have moved 3 times now. I’ve moved out of my parents home into an apartment I shared w/ my sister. Then I moved out of that apartment and into my own basement suite. Then I moved out of that basement suite and into this suite with Allan. That’s a heckuvalot of packing & boxes and re-organizing my life. sigh And now, since we bought a house together…I have to pack up again…and unpack again…an re-organize again. I swear, after this…no more moving for the next 5 years at least! I need some stability. I need to not live out of a box.

Right now I’m staring at the pile of empty boxes I’m suppose to fill with our belongings. Where do I start though? Picture frames? Dishes? DVDs? Oy…I better get to it…