I just got my new corrective lenses today, and holy cow, what a difference! Seriously, I can see! I mean, I could see before, but now I can really see. I see texture, detail, definition, clarity! The world is in crisp HD and it’s beautiful!!! Man, I’ve been missing out and I had no idea.

I know I sound like a crazy person, so I’m going to try to help you understand my excitement. The photo below is a comparison of how I see with glasses, vs how I see sans glasses.

See, I could see...just not quite so well.

Nuts hey? My kids are cuter, my husband’s better looking, and I’m…wow, I’m aging! Hahahha! Guess some things were better in soft focus.

I’m now driving with a huge grin on my face cuz I can read all the street names and license plates of cars in front of me. I don’t have to squint to read subtiltles on tv. Seriously. This is amazing.

If you even so much as suspect you may need glasses, go get your eyes checked. I’ve been seeing the world in analog for so long due to sheer vanity. Now I’m totally excited to wear my glasses cuz the whole world’s in HD (and it helps that I bought stylish D&G frames). You will not regret the glasses…and like a wise friend told me: “it’s just another accessory to shop for.” (She knows me so well.)

Bonus: I needed prescription sunglasses too. Like my new Ralph Lauren shades? Heehee. 🙂