A scary thought occurred to me lately…I think I’m becoming a “grown up”! I swear it wasn’t that long ago that I got up early to watch Saturday Morning cartoons, or stayed glued to my computer playing Monopoly Tycoon…ok, it was last weekend. See!!! How can I possibly be an adult?

Maybe it’s because I’m in the midst of coordinating my own wedding, maybe it’s because I’m living & working in city that I did not grow up in, far away from my family and friends…or maybe it’s because my fiance and I just bought our own house! I mean, can you believe I’m a homeowner? I still sleep in a room surrounded by stuffed Eeyores!

Is it possible to be mature and stay child-like? When I think grown-up, I forsee dull & mundane days spent doing my taxes or worrying about finances & house chores. I’m much to fun-loving for all that. So what happens now?