Quick Pregnancy Update: I’m now 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant, which is four & a half months, which is halfway through the process! Yay!

Weight gain to date = 6lbs.

Current craving: all things with melted cheese on it.

Cheapest craving: Kraft Dinner Mac & Cheese. It had to be KD.

Most expensive craving: Peking Duck & Lobster (had it 3 nights in one week!)

Strangest craving to date: Raisins squashed between 2 soda crackers. yes, it sounds gross but tastes like jam! lol.

Time passed since last meal upheaval: 8 days & counting…

New developments: The baby is now kicking & swimming around in my belly…which is the strangest sensation ever! I also waddle like a penguin and have a pot-belly like the treasure trolls.

Yes, it’s been a while since my last blog…I figured I could only complain about morning sickness so much before it started to get old…so I decided to spare your poor souls the details of me hurling on the sidewalks etc. Thankfully all that fun stuff ended about a month ago, and I’ve been enjoying the last few weeks making up for lost meals -er- time…which is actually perfect because I was able to enjoy all the holiday meals and did not dare to deny myself any delicious num-nums at all. Yes, I was very bad, but it all tasted very good.

The Christmas break was wonderful to me, it was a much needed week and a bit of rest and relaxation with friends and family. You can always count on friends and family to give you lots of (unsolicited) advice and to (not-so) subtly point out where you can improve. This holiday season I was blessed with a plethora of tips, stories and strange warnings on parenting. The lovely illustration to the side was one such “warning”.

I must admit, I use to worry about my future parenting skills, but now I’m just plain freaked out! It would be just my luck to end up in this momma duck’s situation! I now have much greater respect for all you mothers and fathers out there…you have quite the job. To think that in four and a half months, a little human being we created will completely depend on my husband and I for everything! *whoa* Talk about a wake-up call.

On a lighter note, this coming Thursday is the big day when we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. The baby pool is now open! Allan and I are pretty excited to find out, although I have to admit we’re pretty convinced it’s a girl already. I really don’t know how I’ll react if it’s a boy, not that we wouldn’t want a boy…we’re just mentally prepared for a girl & having a boy would be quite the surprise. I will keep you all posted so be on the lookout for my next blog!

Happy New Year!