Well, it’s official. This is the beginning of the year of the belly. We’ve been married, for what? 2 seconds??? And now we’re expecting the arrival of a little butterball Chan!?

Don’t get me wrong, we were totally planning this, yet somehow I’m still surprised it happened this quickly! Guess I’m quite the fertile bunny.

First the wedding epedemic, now it’s baby pandemonium? My cousin Lyka just had her daughter, her mother had a son just months before…my cousin-in-law Jemimah is expecting, along with my friend Nelia! That’s a lotta lil butterballs! Look out world, 2006 will be one crazy year!

Yup, I’m gonna be a mommy! We couldn’t be happier for this news, yet at the same time I’m feeling a bit anxious. This is a whole other life I’m bringing into the world! Huge responsibility…I’m officially a grown-up? whoa.

I feel like I just got over the rush of invitations, thank-you cards (which I have YET to mail by the way!) and wedding cake, and now I’m being swept up in the rush of pre-natal pills, blood work, Drs visits, yoga, and what other baby-prep I may not yet know of! *sigh*

A woman’s work is never done.