Mban817l I am 26 weeks and 1 day pregnant today…and officially am now HUGE!  Allow me to illustrate.  This morning was quite a chilly morning, so as I left the house I made sure to button my warm black wool Aritzia coat.  Now for the past 2 months, I've only been able to button ONE button of my coat…and now that ONE button is gone.
It's a good thing I went shopping 2 weeks ago, or things would really not be looking good.  My sweet husband and I spent the Valentine's Day weekend in Sunny Orlando Florida…only minus the sunshine.  Seriously, why did I think Orlando was supposed to be hot???  The day we went to the Magic Kingdom, it not only rained, it was about 4 degrees celcius!  Thank goodness for the plastic Mickey ponchos we bought that kept us very dry and surprisingly warm…Disney made a killing with those things that day!  My big thing is that I wanted to swim with the dolphins and have one of them kiss my prego-belly.  That didn't happen because it never got warm enough for me to brave being outdoors in a wetsuit & swimming.  *sigh*…maybe next time.  I compensated my disappointment with a "little" bit of outlet mall retail therapy, so the trip was still quite fun!
On a brighter note, Kiana is quite the active fetus.  She's constantly squirming about in my belly, kicking my bladder or jamming her elbow into my ribcage…neither of which are the least bit comfortable.  What makes me laugh though is when Allan decides to rest his head on my lap and Kiana proceeds to kick him in the head, or when he rubs my belly and she kicks his hand away! lol.  Watch out world, this child has attitude!  If it weren't for these amusing displays of cattiness, I think I'd pretty much just be depressed because my clothes have stopped fitting, my back is constantly sore, and there is just no comfortable way to sit down anymore!  Yup, this baby is "growing" on me all right…literally.
My belly button is now completely inside-out and resting on the bowling ball protruding where my abdomen use to be.  I'm told my knockers are gi-normous…and I believe it cuz I can no longer see my feet.  I had to get a pedicure because reaching my feet just to clip my own toe-nails has become quite the challenge…really you'd laugh if you could see me try and get pants on in the morning…or worse, SOCKS!   But all in all, pregnancy has been fun…yeah…(whatever I need to tell myself to get through the day ok?)…well, it grows on you.  97 days to go….