My fiance, I love him but he drives me crazy!!! Everyone handles stress differently. My fiance is the classic worry wart. He’ll get paranoid worrying about anything and everything under the sun! For example, these are probably the things he’s obsessing about in his brain @ this very moment:

– we’re moving tomorrow & we’re not done packing yet!

– we need more boxes!

– 2 loads of laundry to do, one whites & one darks…do we have time to do them tonight?

– did i take out the garbage?

– i have to change my address on all the stuff i get mailed to me

– where am i going to get more boxes? they all have to be BMW boxes so they match!

– are we gonna make the 7pm ferry tomorrow?

– did i label all the boxes properly?

– i need a fatter felt to label the boxes with.

– who’s gonna help us move on saturday?

– oh…there’s so much to do!!!

He will then proceed to having a panic attack & getting this really freaked out look on his face. This is my cue to shake my head and say “Can you please try to relax????”

When under pressure, my mantra is whooosaahhh. I’m sure you all recongnize that from Bad Boyz II, but I assure you it totally works for me. I simply take a deep breath & whoosaahhh, my problems shall be fixed. Now I’m not some silly nitwit that thinks everything will solve itself, but I am a believer in fate and the importance of faith. I don’t worry about details or nit-pick on the little stuff. I find that worrying about something is unproductive & therefore a waste of time. I’m more goal-oriented rather than detail-oriented. I see the big picture and proceed to prioritize & itemize the tasks that need to be done in order to achieve said goal. Once it’s all organized in my head, I proceed to do the tasks. Doing is productive. Worrying is not. So why worry?

It makes me crazy when my fiance gets all panicky & runs around the house like a paraniac (read: paranoid maniac). I love the man and want him to be healthy. Daily panic attacks are not healthy. The thing is, when I try to get him to sit back & relax…he’ll sit back, but I can literally still see the wheels in his head turning!!! It’s like he doesn’t have the capability to tune out! It’s the wierdest thing. It seems he’s most relaxed when he’s running around doing all the chores he thinks needs to be done that instant…like emptying half-full garbage cans or throwing out the bread that will expire in 2 days. And this is the man I’m going to be living with for the rest of my life?

Whooosaaahhh…it’s a good thing I love him, cuz otherwise I’d kill him! lol!