91208Honestly, I'm not daft.  I see the glances, I hear the whispers.  I'm happily enjoying a Bellini, so what?
Recently I was at a friend's bbq and overheard some of the other girls saying "Oh my God, LeLe's drinking!"  As if that wasn't enough, she started whispering to the other girls at the party "Do you know that LeLe's drinkng?"
Yes I have a 2 month old baby, yes I'm breastfeeding…and yes, I am enjoying my alcoholic beverage thank you very much.  People look at me as if I'm being a completely irresponsible mother!  A) It's none of your business.  B) It's none of your business! 
Why should we mothers have to explain ourselves when we want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage?  And tell me, why is it always those with no children of their own that are so quick to gasp and judge?  I'll tell you what, when you've spent 10 months more sober than Mother Theresa and your days consist of changing diapers, spit up, and baby talk, then you can tell me if you deserve a martini or not. 
I'm not irresponsible.  I pump out milk before I have a cocktail, and it's not like I'm downing the vodka at 8am anyway.  I don't get out much as it is, and I can't even enjoy a Coke on a hot day because carbonated drinks give my baby gas!  So if on occaison I feel the need for a stiff (non-carbonated) beverage, just let me enjoy it in peace.  Better yet, cheers with me!  We moms are women too.  We like martinis and fruity cocktails.  We like to look good in cute outfits.  We like to feel sexy.  We like to dance, have drinks, and go to parties.  We like to get out of the house and have fun just like the rest of the female population.  We don't like to be put on the "mom shelf", only to be seen at play-dates and family outings.  Just because we're moms does not mean we only want to hang out with other moms and talk about breastfeeding techniques, and we haven't traded our interest in Manolo's for Robeez.
So next time you see a hot mama sipping a margarita while ah-gooing with her little one, just smile and tell her she looks great and her baby's adorable.  Being a mom is a tough job, and she deserves to celebrate it with a drink!  Cheers!