Fit122_3This month's update: It is now officially hot!  I've been a walking oven for a few months now, but with this "warm front" we've been having I am one large (large being the operative word) uncomfortable sweaty prego.  Sounds attractive, I know.  What I wouldn't give for an icy bellini…*sigh*

It's been 38 weeks and 4 days now…they tell me to be patient & that the end is near.  Easy for them to say, they're not the ones with toes that resemble longanisa! (For those not in "the know", longanisa are filipino sausages that are short, fat & pinky/red in color)  I now weigh 150+lbs…the + is because I refuse to keep on counting now that I've surpassed the 150lb mark.  The scale has not been my friend for 8 months now.  Something just tells me a woman who's barely over 5' tall should not weigh more than 150lbs…it's just wrong.  On the upside, now that I've stopped counting, just try and pry me away from ice cream! hahaha!  I'm a lost cause.  Seriously though, no coffee, no liquor, no tobacco…haven't I been denied enough????  I'm helping myself to the chips & ice cream thank you very much!

So how do I feel now that I'm in the "final stretch"?  Well, 6 weeks ago the swelling started…my face, my legs, my toes…worse of all are my fingers!  The swelling has caused them to go numb & tingly…pins & needles 24/7 is not fun.  I can't really feel anything exept the tingling…and they cramp up on me.  My hands now resemble "the claw"…kind of like when Chandler got addicted to that arcade game on Friends.  I fear they might freeze this way…that's a scary thought. 

Another fun thing I'm experiencing – lack of sleep!  Everyone keeps telling me to get my fill of rest now because it won't happen once baby gets here…but is everyone aware that there is seriously no comfortable way to lie down to get said sleep????  Honestly, I toss & turn trying to find a good position, and usually end up just "accidentally" smacking my husband in the face out of spite & frustration!  Don't judge me until you feel the frustration of losing sleep while your other half contently snores next to you.  It's not fair.  He doesn't deserve that, but dammit life's not fair & he did this to me!  I still love him to pieces, I just want to make him suffer sometimes…is that so wrong?  I know, I'm evil. =(

On a brighter note, I'm officially off work.  Now I get to stay home all day long…by myself…with absolutely nothing to do but drive myself crazy.  There's only so much TV I can watch…and going out by myself isn't ideal…seeing as I could pop literally any day now.  With my luck, it would happen while I'm by myself driving my car or something!  No thanks, I'll just wait it out @ home.  I am going a little stir crazy though.  If any of you are in town, seriously feel free to stop by and help me maintain my sanity!  I'm starting to care way too much about the fate of Bo & Hope's marriage and Sammi's evil plotting to keep Carrie & Austin apart.

*Sigh* 10 days to go….