Fit127_1Ok, don't panic.  It's been 40 weeks plus a day, the due date (which was yesterday)has come and gone…and still no baby!!!  Aarrggghhh!  Seriously, I'm flattered that she likes me so much, but enough already!  Do I need to send an eviction notice?  GET OUT!!!  Was I not clear?  Did she miss that Next Steps memo telling her she's suppose to come out? 

Head south Kiana!  South!  Do we need to shine a light for you down there so you can find your way?  If you don't come out soon, your Daddy's gonna come in there after you…literally!  I can only hold him of for so long…he's getting pretty antsy.

We just got back from the hospital after undergoing a "non-stress test".  This is where they strap heart monitors to my belly and observe the baby's heart rate and fetal movements to make sure she's doing alright in there.  Apparently she's doing just fine and is not the least bit "stressed"…which is more than I can say for her daddy!  And since she's so calm and content in there, the doctor is happy to let her stay that way for up to another week before she'll consider inducing.  Poor Allan…I don't think he can take it anymore. 

Sure I'm the one who can't sleep comfortably and am suffering from extreme swelling & back pain…but Allan's poor nerves are going berserk!  He jumps everytime I call him because he thinks it means my water broke & the baby's coming.  He pauses & stares at me whenever I groan/moan/squirm because he thinks it means the baby's coming.  He wakes up and watches me get out of bed to go pee in the middle of the night because he thinks the baby's coming.  He's so on edge and frazzled every minute of every day that this baby is still in me, because he thinks she's coming that exact minute.  Maybe he needs to undergo the non-stress test.  This baby's not even out yet and she's already giving her father an ulcer!

I guess our little princess really does take after her mommy…she's obviously already decided to arrive fashionably late or is on Filipino time…*sigh*  And her daddy's such a stickler for punctuality…sorry Allan! 

And so we wait…and wait…and wait some more.  40 weeks down, 1 day overdue…