I found a friend!!! Ok, that might sound pretty pathetic, but let me explain.

I’ve been living on this serene island for months now, and although it’s beautiful here & the people are really friendly, I’ve had no one for companionship besides my fiance. Now, I love Allan to pieces! But it’s just not the same…I miss having girlfriends. Ladies, I know you understand this. Only we can understand the intricacies of our temperments. Only we can gossip & say nasty things that we don’t mean, and not judge each other for our comments. And only we really get our jokes. For the past few months I’ve been doing an awful thing. I’ve been using my poor unsuspecting fiance as a surrugate girlfriend. I’ve been gossiping w/ him, I got him to watch my tv line-up w/ me, I’ve even made the mistake of dragging him shopping with me! (yeah, that last one was not fun).

So imagine how happy I was when one day I get a message of Friendster from a girl I went to highschool with! She lives just 5 minutes away from me now, and she’s here all alone w/ just her boyfriend too. Needless to say we hooked up immediately and went for coffee then shopping! We caught up on the drama in each other’s lives (girls always have drama) and shared sad stories of how we’ve tried to turn our men into girlfriends.

Allan is quite relieved that he no longer has to go shopping with me. Actually I’m quite relieved too! Men just don’t have the same love for SALE! signs…and his willpower to NOT spend money was a damper on my fun. He still watches Top Model with me though..and not for the women either. I think he secretly enjoys the drama on the show! lol.

I’m just glad to have a lil bit of Girl World back in my life. Yay!