On being a “grown-up”

A scary thought occurred to me lately…I think I’m becoming a “grown up”! I swear it wasn’t that long ago that I got up early to watch Saturday Morning cartoons, or stayed glued to my computer playing Monopoly Tycoon…ok, it was last weekend. See!!! How can I possibly be an adult? Maybe it’s because I’m […]

Girl World

I found a friend!!! Ok, that might sound pretty pathetic, but let me explain. I’ve been living on this serene island for months now, and although it’s beautiful here & the people are really friendly, I’ve had no one for companionship besides my fiance. Now, I love Allan to pieces! But it’s just not the […]

Welcome Island Girl

So this is it…my new home. Victoria. No more big city. No more chinese food or sushi @ 4am. No more smoking. No more Thursday Night FRIENDS night w/ Maria. No more dinner @ the parentals when I’m out of food. Lots and lots and lots and lots of time to spend with Allan…