So nobody mentioned how much fun this pregnancy really would be. I mean, now that the morning sickness is starting to kick in, I believe the “fun’s just begun”? I mean, everyone acts like I’m supposed to be oozing joy and euphoria…but lately I’ve just been feeling “blah”.

I am now four weeks pregnant. I found out at about 2 weeks…guess I just knew my body really well. The nurses I work with tell me that since I found out so early, this will be one lo-o-o-ong pregnancy for me. Great.

I am now experiencing caffeine withdrawals, an aversion to all foods mushy, and forcing milk down my throat. For those of you that know me, you know that I don’t drink milk. It’s a good thing my sense of responsibility for this little life is stronger than my coffee-cravings and hatred for dairy. I guess that’s a good thing. All these symptoms from something barely the size of a peanut???

My mother tells me that I should keep a positive attitude because somehow my negativity/melodrama will affect the baby. It’s really easier said than done. I mean, you try being chipper when your stomach is constantly threatening to evict your last meal, or when you’re fighting the guilt of being too sleepy to help with the housework, yet you feel like you just did the Grousse Grind. I seriously thought I could pull off being the ultra-glamorous prego-diva…but I’m starting to have second thoughts. It’s hard to be glamorous when your clothes are suddenly snug and the “glow” of pregnancy causes pms-like breakouts & bloating! Thank goodness for concealer & jersey-knit cotton. But I’m happy…I’m really happy …somewhere deep deep down, I’m ecstaticly happy. I’m only cranky on the surface.

Mr. Babymaker on the other hand has been extraordinarily wonderful. He’s been supportive and loving and so excited about this new twist in our lives. I really can’t complain. In fact he’s so supportive that he’s already experiencing sympathy pains! The man is so irritatingly…lovable. =)

…and the year of the belly continues…