I am now at 7 weeks, the nausea seems to have subsided, and a whole new set of interesting symptoms are occuring.

I woke up today actually feeling somewhat normal. It’s great, yet the irony is now that I’m feeling normal, I’m noticing a not-so-subtle bulge in my belly. It’s not so bad really…I mean, I guess it’s not so bad, even though none of my normal pants fit anymore and I’ve resorted to wearing only my stretchy jeans and lulus. Well, I guess I could also wear the maternity pants that the hubby bought me, but it just feels so weird to wear pants that consist of a huge garter waist & fake fly. I know maternity wear has come a long way since the days of the mumus, but I have yet to find some that don’t make me look…umm..fat.

The scale says I’ve only put on about 3lbs…perhaps my bulge is mostly air? That would explain the constant “bubbling” in the said region. Bubbling…I guess that’s a euphemistic way of putting it. Translation: I have constant gas. eew. I’ve gone from Princess prissiness to Homer Simpson’s belching &…well you know. Really, it’s great. The husband can vouch for that. hehehe.

Honestly though, I must acknowledge how wonderful he’s been through this process thus far. Despite my craziness, mood swings, food cravings, outrageous demands and un-ending lathargy, he’s done his best to be constantly loving and supportive. I’d like to say he’s understanding, but really I don’t think there’s any way any man can truly understand what this is like. They can try to imagine it, sympathize, and tolerate…but that’s about it. It’s a good thing the hubby is a patient man, cuz we’re being tested alright.

7 weeks and counting…