Meet Princess Kiana Gabrielle Chan, the newest member of our family!

We were told at yesterday’s ultrasound inspection that there’s a 99% chance we’re having a baby girl. I guess the ring really does not lie! It’s made yet another correct prediction…spooky!

The look on Allan’s face was the cutest thing ever as we watched baby Kiana wave to us (allan quickly noted she did indeed have 4 fingers & 1 thumb) and move about in my belly. He was like a kid at Christmas-time! It was neat to actually see her kick me as I felt it at the same time. It was validation that I wasn’t imagining those sensations…she really was kicking her momma! She’s quite the kick-boxer.

We got to see her little heart beating and her arms and legs stretch out. She gave the ultrasound technician a bit of a hard time getting a good look at her cuz she kept swimming around and turning her back to us! Already quite the snob…looks like we have our work cut out for us! Another princess in our household? Poor Allan!